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Matt Gooch

We're pleased to be supporting local businesses and it's great to see our article published in this months Tewkesbury Direct.

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With most of us spending more time at home than ever before, it’s no surprise that we’re looking at our homes in a new light and seeking new ways to make it work for our requirements. Whether that’s finding a quiet space away from the chaos to host a zoom call with your colleagues, de-cluttering and reorganising your belongings to make room for a new baby, or finding a home for all the bits and pieces you’ve bought for your favourite hobbies, nothing feels quite as satisfying as getting a dedicated space sorted for your needs.

If you’re struggling to find a solution inside your home, have you thought about utilising the space inside your garage? The team at Up & Over Garages, based in Bredon, are helping homeowners make the most of their available space without big budget extensions, by converting and fitting out garages to become useable spaces for the whole family. With the average single car garage, you could uncover 161 square foot of available space and, with the proper insulation, flooring and lighting to suit you, your garage can be just as inviting as any other room in your home. 

Specialising in transforming garages into hobby spaces, home gyms and home offices, as well as the perfect place to tinker with your cars, mountain bikes or motorbikes, Up & Over Garages also offer a wide range of innovative storage solutions if you’re simply looking for a more organised and clutter-free space. 

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please visit or call on 07441426857.