Garage Renovation

Top 5 Reasons to Refurb Your Garage


With most of us spending more time at home than ever before, it’s no surprise that we’re looking at our homes in a new light and seeking new ways to make it work for our requirements. Whether that’s finding a quiet space away from the chaos to host a zoom call with your colleagues, de-cluttering and reorganising your belongings to make room for a new baby, or finding a home for all the bits and pieces you’ve bought for your favourite hobbies, nothing feels quite as satisfying as getting a dedicated space sorted for your needs.

Here's our top 5 reasons to refurb and renovate your garage:

Increase space in your home

The average UK garage at 3x6m could give you an additional 18m2 (or 193 Sq.Ft) or useable space and what's more, to convert it into a useable space doesn't require planning permission and with the right insulation, lighting and flooring can make the perfect space.

Get more out of your hobby

Do you have a hobby that's taking over the house or perhaps you need space to start a new hobby. The garage is the perfect place to start! With storage solutions, work benches and more you can turn your garage in the the perfect place to start or indulge your hobby!

Get organised

Collectibles, Christmas decorations, old furniture and more. If your collectible items are cluttering up your house then why not store them in the garage. We have a unique range of storage options to turn your garage from dumping ground to easily accessible and organised storage room allowing you to free up space in your home.

The right tool for the job

Have you ever completed a job and been missing a tool? It's an annoyance we all face but with out fitted garages we can source tools and cabinets to ensure you have everything you need to take apart your car, garage or tinker with your mountain bikes.

Next level home gym setup

Fed up of monthly gym fee's? Why not convert your garage into a home gym. We work alongside fitness coaches that can advise you on equipment to ensure you get the most of your home gym. Our team will convert your garage into a the perfect gym with lighting and mirrors to ensure you can perfect your technique!

So if you are looking for garage renovation services in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham or the Gloucestershire area, then look no further than Up and Over Garages and wether you need a simple shelf or a full fitted garage conversion then we can help!